Copier King


Copier King is an idle – incremental game where you run a copy center. Buy machines, upgrade them, get bonuses and watch the money flow. Move to higher levels and get better earnings. Play for the top rankings. There is no limit for expansion…


– Casual idle game with a copy center theme.
– Lots of Copy Machines, Upgrades, Improvements, Bonuses, Research.
– Many Achievements to unlock.
– Compete against the other players via Google Leaderboards / Game Center.
– Earn while you are offline or idle. The machines will not sleep.
– Bonus for instant boost to increase your idle earnings.
– Many locations with different bonuses.

Whether you are a hard core gamer or a casual gamer enjoying idle games, you will enjoy Copier King.

Please note that the game is still under development so please feel free to submit all your recommendations.
The game will be improved further as per the player’s request.

Also we would welcome any comments regarding bugs or issues discovered.
Please include your device model when submitting bugs.

Have fun playing it, we had creating it.





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